The Power of Letting Go – A Sedona Method Test

The Sedona Method – What it is:

For those of you who don’t know what the Sedona Method is, it is a system designed for letting go of unwanted negative emotions. It asserts that deep down, we are all happy, vibrant people and that our natural state is one of joy and happiness. The problem si that all of that happiness becomes covered in layers of negative emotions and thougth patterns. So instead of experiencing our natural happiness on a consistnet basis, we feel the negative emotions most of the time. The Sedona Method offers a simple system to let go of all the negative emotions that you may be feeling and start experiencing life at a fuller, happier level more of the time. It can be used any where any time and with any negative emotion in any moment.

I know what you might be thinking, that won’t work for me, my problems are real, they’re different, they’re special.

While that may be true, the Sedona Method is so simple and flexible that you can address any problem, any emotion with it in the exact moment that you’re feeling it. So, no matter the emotion, you can let it go and feel better almost instantly.

The Sedona Method – What it’s Not

What the Sedona Method isn’t is another positive thinking or wishful thinking tool. This isn’t one of those, grin and bear it, paste a smiley face over your discomfort or fake it until you make it programs. Sometimes, you want to be angry.

Have you ever had someone remind you to think positively when you are pissed off? The minute they mention positive thougths, you think something like, I’m gonna take those positive thoughts and hit you with them!  How’s that for positive thinking?!?! When you’re angry, you can’t just jump to happy, it’s impossible, so thinking positively is just a way to pretend that you are happy, even if you just aren’t. The Sedona Method will help you strip away those negative feelings and get to the core of you that actually is happy in the moment.

The Sedona Method -Asserted Truths

Here are some truths that the Sedona Method operates from:

1. You are not your thoughts, feelings or limiting beliefs
2. You have the ability to let go of any thought or belief in any moment.
3. Beneath your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and emotions, the core of you is happy, even if you think it isn’t.

Whether you think you can let go of your feelings or not, you can. The Sedona Method Shows you how.

The Sedona Method – My Personal Experience

I stay with using the Sedona Method for usually about 4-5 days and then I tend to slack off, this is my own unfocused nature I know. However, I have used it with great success in the past both in letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

I have used it to get past relationship hiccups, break ups and personal money beliefs. I have used it when conquering fears.

What I haven’t done however, is give it a full 3 week trial. During the trial I will let go of limiting beliefs as I notice them float into my consciousness and each day I will log at least once if my feelings have improved.

So, here is where I stand and how I feel today:

I feel good, I am getting a cold, but today was offered a film job (my biggest passion is film making) and confirmed another short film where I get to play the main character, step wildly outside my comfort zone and also serve as a location manager. That makes me feel extremely Amazing! I feel slightly unmotivated to move forward on a Fat Loss CD project I have been working on and am attempting to find a way to move forward or find another path with it. It is important to my new book launch, however, I feel stuck today.

I have written my new years goal list and one of them is very pressing. My businesses are requiring more time than I have, and I am ready to start hiring staff or freelancing work, but the cashflow has slumped due to some changes I made. I am working to find a way to start my staff or increase cashflow immediately so that I can continue with my grandiose plans.

I have been away from working out for some time, and I am ready to get back to the gym. Mind you I still work out at home, but there is some satisfaction in walking out of the gym sweating and feeling that fresh air.

My fiance and I are selling our house and trying to buy a new one…I fell very hopeful about this.

I feel very excited to get back to posting on the Secret To Your Life as it is a passion of mine.

Well, that was a mouthful and probably more than anyone really wanted to know, but I wanted to leave a baseline concerning my main thoughts and feelings in this moment so that I can revisit them and any results at the end of the test.

I will post results at the end of 3 weeks.

Now, my question for you, do you have experience with the Sedona Method? Have you used it in the past? What were your results?

For more information about the Sedona Method, go to

His recent post is what inspired this test and I thank him for it. His free ebook is a great resource to get you started instantly so that you can feel the power of the Sedona Method for yourself.

You can also learn more at

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