The Secret Life of Water: A Review of the effects of Thought on Water

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I just finished reading Masaru Emoto’s fantastic book The Secret Life of Water
.  In the book, Emoto details his system of attaching a word or thought to a container of water and photographing the resulting crystals.  He freezes the water and takes pictures of the different crystals before and after the water is exposed to a thought.  The results are quite honestly fantastic, and they are another step in understanding that thought is more powerful than most people give it credit.

The pictures that Emoto provides show that water exposed to positive thoughts such as Love, Gratitude, Thanks and friendship form beautiful symmetrical ice crystals, whereas water exposed to negative thoughts like hate, anger and disapproval form broken deformed crystals and sometimes something that doesn’t even resemble a crystals at all.

The study is quite amazing as it illustrates nicely the effect that positive, supportive thoughts can have on the world around you.  If you can affect water that way, imagine what it means for the rest of your life.

Considering that your body is made up about 70% water, think about what a couple more positive supporting thoughts each day could do for your life.  If positive thoughts can change the crystals of water in a bottle, what can they do for your body?  How about your life?  Perhaps there is more to this thought creating reality stuff than most people give it credit.  After all, within this book are actual pictures of the power of positive supportive thoughts.  While changing water crystals is neat, how can you use this to help you in your everyday life?

First of all, start small.  Take just a few minutes, 2-3, and just send your love to something.  It is best to start with yourself first as loving yourself will help you be capable to love others.  Find things about your body to love.  Find things about your personality to love.  Start to think of things that are in your life that you love.  It could be as simple as the internet or running water or good friends.  Then start to expand and find more and more things about your life that you love.  The more you look for things to love, the more things to love you’ll find.  It won’t be long and you’ll be one of those people that are living “the good life.”

What about things you don’t love.

Say for instance you don’t love your job, few of us do.  When you go to work, look for things that you love about your job.  Look for things about what you do, or where you do it that you can love.  This will put you in a much better mind set to go find a better more enjoyable job.  So love it while you have it, because at least you have one.  Be happy that you have work to go to each day.  If you bring this love and gratitude as you search for a new job, you will find a much more enjoyable job than if you brought out the old, “I hate my job” mindset.  Your thoughts of love will show through in your interviews and things will line up in a much different way.

Look around your life each day for just a couple of minutes and find things to love about it.  If your thoughts can change water crystals, imagine what they can do to the rest of your life.

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